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Rights of Nature in Europe

About RoN in Europe

Rights of Nature in Europe is a thriving and fast spreading movement with a growing number of local and regional initiatives all over the continent.

Our members and allies come from more than a dozen countries around our beautiful and very biodiverse region, from the UK and Netherlands in the West, to Sweden in the North, Germany in Central Europe, Spain, Italy and France in the South to Serbia in the South East… and many more.

The rise in awareness and shift in consciousness towards a caring and regenerative relationship between humans and the rest of Nature that is quickly gaining momentum around the Earth, is also reflected in the European movement of rights of Nature where we can see initiatives at every level of societal engagement – from the local Charters for Rivers to the high EU level political actions.

Currently, there are numerous initiatives for the establishment of some level of the recognition of rights for just about every ecosystem in Europe, from rivers and lakes, via glaciers and forests to the pioneering initiative on the rights of peatlands!!

Europe has also recently witnessed its first actual legal case win for the recognition of the personhood rights in law for the Spanish Mar Menor – setting a wonderful and historic precedent for the rest of us to follow!!

Some of our members